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About movie: Men in Black

Protecting the earth from the scum of the universe
Men in Black follows the exploits of agents Kay and Jay, members of a top-secret organization established to monitor and police alien activity on Earth. The two Men in Black find themselves in the middle of the deadly plot by an intergalactic terrorist who has arrived on Earth to assassinate two ambassadors from opposing galaxies. In order to prevent worlds from colliding, the MiB must track down the terrorist and prevent the destruction of Earth. It's just another typical day for the Men in Black.

Orig. title:

Men in Black / MIB

Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld
Starring: Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K), Will Smith (Agent J), Linda Fiorentino (Dr. Laurel Weaver), Vincent D'Onofrio (Edgar), Rip Torn (Chief Agent Zed), Tony Shalhoub (Jack Jeebs)
Country: USA
Year: 1997
Score: 73 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel HBO2 at 20.2.2024 07:40
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