IPTV for Wifi provider

Offer your customers our online IPTV television with lots of unique features for an unbeatable price.
Working with us will clearly increase interest in your services and increase demand by your customers.

8 advantages why cooperation with Lepší.TV interesting for you:

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Without input
None monthly
Long-term financial
Without overload lines
(3Mb/s pro HD)

3 models
Clear management
Your customers
Clear management of your customers
In our administration system you will register your customers and set the service parameters for them. Registration does not take more than 2 minutes of your time.
Marketing support
You will always have an up to date list of TV stations, banners, leaflets, pictures, emailing. In short, everything for convenient promotion of the service Lepší.TV
No overloading lines
We are the only one in the Czech Republic to transmit an HD signal in H.265 code, which works with a data rate of only 3Mb / s. Therefore, we do not have disproportionate demands on Internet connectivity.
Without initial investment
By entering into a partnership agreement, we do not ask you for any funds in advance. All investments (hardware technology, royalties, advertising and PR across all distribution channels) are fully under our control.
No monthly fees
When working with us, you do not commit to any minimum number of services. It is up to you how you actively start to offer goNET TV.
Simple implementation
Everything around Lepší.TV technically provide ourselves. That is why we are very quick to respond to any news, requests, comments or changes and we are still working on improving and extending the existing offer.
3 cooperation models

A)Single commission
One-time commission for the recommendation of the Lepší.TV service to the user who subsequently concludes the contract. Furthermore, you do not care about the user, all agenda solves team Lepší.TV. Invoicing for services is done by Lepší.TV. All recommendations are implemented in the form of a generated promocode or via a special line. Cooperation is based on a contract.

B) Regular commissions
You are collecting for the Lepší.TV services directly from the users, together with the payment for your services. You promote Lepší.TV, you have it listed on your website, communicate with users, and your staff shows Lepší.TV to potential users. Using a special line you have access to an online administration system where you register your users and set the service parameters. You accrue a percentage commission from the sale for as long as the user is using the Lepší.TV service.

C) Custom IPTV
We will prepare and deliver a complete IPTV solution according to your requirements and needs. We realize everything from signal reception development to user management or just a certain part of the process needed to realize your IPTV.

8 advantages Lepší.TV for your customers:

140 TV stations
in basic included
119 HD Stations
v basic included
Timeshift without
The best of TV

All shows
It works anywhere and
on anything
The best price for
customer in the market
Smart TV

Do not think too long.
With every day you can lose not only your customers, but also your commission.

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