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Svatba na bitevním poli

Film Svatba na bitevním poli
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Movie information

A poetic comedy from a small Moravian village, where the men dream of glory and women dream of love.
Distinctive characters, a kind view of their dreams, worries and transgressions, which none of us can avoid, and an original plot. This is the prepossessing setting of a comedy that will take us to Zvestov, a picturesque Moravian village, where the men like to commemorate a great battle of three emperors (Austerlitz) and play at soldiers under the command of the major in the role of Napoleon himself. They do it with such enthusiasm that they almost cause a tragedy and turn the romantic wedding of Tomas and a beautiful French girl, Claire into bloodshed. In the end, everything is resolved with common sense and humour, but mostly with ordinary happiness and love, which will drown out all the sabre-rattling and is more powerful than dreams about fame.

Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Dušan Klein
Starring: Bolek Polívka (Starosta Zvěstova Touchyn), Zlata Adamovská (Touchynová), Josef Somr (Antonín Doubrava), Miroslav Simunek (Tomáš Doubrava), Jana Dolezelová (Claire), Jana Doleželová (Claire)
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2008
Score: 52 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel CS Film at 15.11.2022 14:00
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