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Rozmarné léto

Film Rozmarné léto
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At the turn of the century in a small town, three middle-aged men--Dura, a bathhouse owner; Major Hugo, a retired army officer; and Canon Roch, the local abbé--witness the arrival of Arnostek, a touring tightrope walker, and his young assistant, Anna. The three men attend the tightrope walker's performance in the town square that evening, and they all become enchanted with Anna. Encouraged by her flirtatious manner, Dura attempts to seduce her in his bathhouse, but they are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Katerine, Dura's plumpish wife. Katerine, infatuated with Arnostek, packs her things and moves into his caravan. The next evening, Canon Roch is visiting Anna, ostensibly to read to her, when some village toughs barge in and start a fight. On the third night, Major Hugo lures Anna to his home for an elegant feast, but the food and wine prove too much for him, and he falls asleep on Anna's lap. By the next morning, Arnostek has become so bored by Katerine's smothering attentions that he sends her back to Dura and goes to fetch Anna. Somewhat wiser after their brush with seduction, the three friends and Katerine resume their summer existence, and the little caravan leaves town.

Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Jirí Menzel
Starring: Rudolf Hrusínský (Antonín Dura), Vlastimil Brodský (Maj. Hugo), František Rehák (Priest / abbé / canon Roch), Míla Myslíková (Katerina Durová), Jana Preissová (Anna), Jirí Menzel (Arnostek)
Country: Czechoslovakia
Year: 1968
Score: 68 %
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