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Don't believe everything you see...
Arrogant, brilliant and successful, criminal defense attorney Martin Vail loves a good fight and the media spotlight, both of which he knowingly invites when he volunteers to represent a penniless, bewildered young man accused of murder. The victim is one of Chicago's most prominent dignitaries, a Catholic archbishop, and the defendant's guilt seems as evident as the blood found splattered on his clothes. But Vail doesn't concern himself with questions of guilt or innocence. All he cares about is creating and selling his version of the truth. All he cares about is winning. As his involvement with his client deepens, however, Vail's consuming need to win, his antagonism toward his former boss in the prosecutor's office, his complicated relationship wtih his recent lover who is the prosecutor in this case, and his unexpected feelings for his client, combine to blind him to the trap awaiting him.

Directed by: Gregory Hoblit
Starring: Richard Gere (Martin Vail), Laura Linney (Janet Venableová), John Mahoney (John Shaughnessy), Alfre Woodard (Soudkyně Miriam Shoatová), Frances McDormand (Dr. Molly Arringtonová), Edward Norton (Aaron Stampler)
Country: USA
Year: 1996
Score: 77 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel STV1 at 26.8.2022 22:10
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