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Film L.A. - Utajené skutočnosti
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Movie information

Everything is suspect...everyone is for sale...and nothing is what it seems.
Set against the glamorous backdrop of 1950's Los Angeles, Sid Hudgeons is the sleazy reporter for the tabloid "Hush-Hush" who has always helped ferret out a scandal that Sid can mine for a potential celebrity bust. Jack Vincennes is a celebrity cop who serves as the technical advisor for a TV show called "Badge of Honor." He becomes involved in a murder investigation which will link him to a web of corruption and scandal involving fellow detectives Ed Exley and Bud White. White and Exley are involved with Lynn Bracken, a woman who is the key to a murder investigation both men are trying to solve under the watchful eyes of the DA and the entire police department.

Directed by: Curtis Hanson
Starring: Kevin Spacey (Seržant Jack Vincennes), Russell Crowe (Wendell White), Guy Pearce (Detekiv Lieutenant Edmund J Exley), James Cromwell (Kapitán Dudley Smith), Kim Basinger (Lynn Brackenová), Danny DeVito (Sid Hudgens)
Country: USA
Year: 1997
Score: 82 %
Broadcasted on: STV1
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