Asterix v Británii

Asterix v Británii
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I say! The Romans have invaded!
The diminutive Asterix and his rather larger companion Obelix, warriors of the last village in Gaul still free after the Roman invasion, set out on a mission to deliver a barrel of their druid's famous magic potion to help Asterix's cousin in Britain fight off the invading Roman army.

Directed by: Pino Van Lamsweerde
Starring: Roger Carel (Astérix (voice)), Pierre Tornade (Obélix (voice)), Graham Bushnell (Jolitorax (voice)), Pierre Mondy (Cetinlapsus (voice)), Maurice Risch (Châteaupétrus (voice)), Roger Lumont (Stratocumulus (voice))
Country: France
Year: 1986
Score: 71 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel ČT :D at 6.7.2022 09:05
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