Olí a Jůla

Olí a Jůla
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Program information

Ollie & Moon are six-year-old cats who have a knack for spinning everyday life into zany globetrotting adventure.They zig-zag around the world getting into wacky fun as they find incredible solutions to nearly anything that preschool life can throw at them. And along the way, these goofy best friends grow to appreciate differences - first in each other, and then in the big wide world they discover together.
Two cats travel the globe and teach children about unlikely friendships and global citizenships.

Genre: Animation, Family
Directed by: Florian Thouret
Starring: Mattea Conforti (Moon 50 episodes 2017), Kobi Frumer (Ollie 50 episodes 2017), Ofosu Born Jones-Quartey (Stanley 6 episodes 2017), Brian Beckerle (Ollie 5 episodes 2017)
Country: France
Year: 2017
Score: 73 %
Broadcasted on: ČT :D

List of episodes

broadcasted 11.11. Olí a Jůla 11.11.2022 - watch
broadcasted 18.11. Olí a Jůla 18.11.2022 - watch
broadcasted 24.11. Olí a Jůla 24.11.2022 - watch
broadcasted 25.11. Olí a Jůla 25.11.2022 - watch
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