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About show

Smart Is The New Sexy.
A woman who moves into an apartment across the hall from two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory. Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper are both brilliant physicists working at Cal Tech in Pasadena, California. They are colleagues, best friends, and roommates, although in all capacities their relationship is always tested primarily by Sheldon's regimented, deeply eccentric, and non-conventional ways. They are also friends with their Cal Tech colleagues mechanical engineer Howard Wolowitz and astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrappali. The foursome spend their time working on their individual work projects, playing video games, watching science-fiction movies, or reading comic books. As they are self-professed nerds, all have little or no luck with women. When Penny, a pretty woman and an aspiring actress from Omaha, moves into the apartment across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon's, Leonard has another aspiration in life, namely to get Penny to be his girlfriend.

Orig. title:

The Big Bang Theory

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Starring: Johnny Galecki (Leonard Hofstadter), Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper), Kaley Cuoco (Penny), Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz), Kunal Nayyar (Raj Koothrappali), Melissa Rauch (Bernadette)
Country: USA
Year: 2007-2019
Score: 81 %
Broadcasted on: Nova Fun HBO3

List of episodes

Season 1:
(1) Pilot - watch
(2) The Big Bran Hypothesis - watch
(3) The Fuzzy Boots Corollary - watch
(4) The Luminous Fish Effect - watch
(5) The Hamburger Postulate - watch
(6) The Middle Earth Paradigm - watch
broadcasted 15.5. (7) The Dumpling Paradox - watch
broadcasted 15.5. (8) The Grasshopper Experiment - watch
broadcasted 15.5. (9) The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization - watch
broadcasted 15.5. (10) The Loobenfeld Decay - watch
broadcasted 15.5. (11) The Pancake Batter Anomaly - watch
broadcasted 15.5. (12) The Jerusalem Duality - watch
broadcasted 15.5. (13) The Bat Jar Conjecture - watch
broadcasted 15.5. (14) The Nerdvana Annihilation - watch
broadcasted 16.5. (15) The Pork Chop Indeterminacy - watch
broadcasted 16.5. (16) The Peanut Reaction - watch
broadcasted 16.5. (17) The Tangerine Factor - watch
Season 2:
broadcasted 16.5. (1) The Bad Fish Paradigm - watch
broadcasted 17.5. (2) The Codpiece Topology - watch
broadcasted 17.5. (3) The Barbarian Sublimation - watch
broadcasted 17.5. (4) The Griffin Equivalency - watch
broadcasted 17.5. (5) The Euclid Alternative - watch
broadcasted 18.5. (6) The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem - watch
broadcasted 18.5. (8) The Lizard-Spock Expansion - watch
broadcasted 18.5. (9) The White Asparagus Triangulation - watch
broadcasted 19.5. (10) The Vartabedian Conundrum - watch
broadcasted 19.5. (11) The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis - watch
broadcasted 19.5. (12) The Killer Robot Instability - watch
broadcasted 20.5. (14) The Financial Permeability - watch
broadcasted 20.5. (15) The Maternal Capacitance - watch
broadcasted 20.5. (16) The Cushion Saturation - watch
broadcasted 20.5. (17) The Terminator Decoupling - watch
broadcasted 21.5. (18) The Work Song Nanocluster - watch
broadcasted 21.5. (19) The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition - watch
broadcasted 21.5. (20) The Hofstadter Isotope - watch
broadcasted 21.5. (21) The Vegas Renormalization - watch
broadcasted 22.5. (22) The Classified Materials Turbulence - watch
broadcasted 22.5. (23) The Monopolar Expedition - watch
Season 3:
broadcasted 22.5. (1) The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation - watch
broadcasted 22.5. (2) The Jiminy Conjecture - watch
(3) The Gothowitz Deviation - watch
(4) The Pirate Solution - watch
(5) The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary - watch
(6) The Cornhusker Vortex - watch
(7) The Guitarist Amplification - watch
(8) The Adhesive Duck Deficiency - watch
(9) The Vengeance Formulation - watch
(10) The Gorilla Experiment - watch
(11) The Maternal Congruence - watch
(12) The Psychic Vortex - watch
(13) The Bozeman Reaction - watch
(14) The Einstein Approximation - watch
(15) The Large Hadron Collision - watch
(16) The Excelsior Acquisition - watch
(17) The Precious Fragmentation - watch
(18) The Pants Alternative - watch
(19) The Wheaton Recurrence - watch
(21) The Plimpton Stimulation - watch
(22) The Staircase Implementation - watch
(23) The Lunar Excitation - watch
Season 4:
broadcasted 15.5. (1) The Robotic Manipulation - watch
broadcasted 15.5. (2) The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification - watch
broadcasted 16.5. (3) The Zazzy Substitution - watch
broadcasted 16.5. (4) The Hot Troll Deviation - watch
broadcasted 17.5. (5) The Desperation Emanation - watch
broadcasted 17.5. (6) The Irish Pub Formulation - watch
broadcasted 20.5. (7) The Apology Insufficiency - watch
broadcasted 20.5. (8) The 21-Second Excitation - watch
broadcasted 21.5. (9) The Boyfriend Complexity - watch
broadcasted 21.5. (10) The Alien Parasite Hypothesis - watch
broadcasted 22.5. (11) The Justice League Recombination - watch
broadcasted 22.5. (12) The Bus Pants Utilization - watch
(13) The Love Car Displacement - watch
(14) The Thespian Catalyst - watch
(15) The Benefactor Factor - watch
(16) The Cohabitation Formulation - watch
(17) The Toast Derivation - watch
(18) The Prestidigitation Approximation - watch
(19) The Zarnecki Incursion - watch
(20) The Herb Garden Germination - watch
(21) The Agreement Dissection - watch
(22) The Wildebeest Implementation - watch
(23) The Engagement Reaction - watch
(24) The Roommate Transmogrification - watch
Season 5:
(1) The Skank Reflex Analysis - watch
(2) The Infestation Hypothesis - watch
(3) The Pulled Groin Extrapolation - watch
(4) The Wiggly Finger Catalyst - watch
(5) The Russian Rocket Reaction - watch
(6) The Rhinitis Revelation - watch
(7) The Good Guy Fluctuation - watch
(8) The Isolation Permutation - watch
(9) The Ornithophobia Diffusion - watch
(10) The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition - watch
(12) The Shiny Trinket Maneuver - watch
(13) The Recombination Hypothesis - watch
(14) The Beta Test Initiation - watch
(15) The Friendship Contraction - watch
(16) The Vacation Solution - watch
(17) The Rothman Disintegration - watch
(18) The Werewolf Transformation - watch
(19) The Weekend Vortex - watch
(20) The Transporter Malfunction - watch
(21) The Hawking Excitation - watch
(22) The Stag Convergence - watch
(23) The Launch Acceleration - watch
(24) The Countdown Reflection - watch
Season 6:
(1) The Date Night Variable - watch
(2) The Decoupling Fluctuation - watch
(3) The Higgs Boson Observation - watch
(4) The Re-Entry Minimization - watch
(5) The Holographic Excitation - watch
(6) The Extract Obliteration - watch
(7) The Habitation Configuration - watch
(8) The 43 Peculiarity - watch
(9) The Parking Spot Escalation - watch
(10) The Fish Guts Displacement - watch
(11) The Santa Simulation - watch
(12) The Egg Salad Equivalency - watch
(13) The Bakersfield Expedition - watch
(14) The Cooper/Kripke Inversion - watch
(15) The Spoiler Alert Segmentation - watch
(16) The Tangible Affection Proof - watch
(17) The Monster Isolation - watch
(18) The Contractual Obligation Implementation - watch
(19) The Closet Reconfiguration - watch
(20) The Tenure Turbulence - watch
(21) The Closure Alternative - watch
(22) The Proton Resurgence - watch
(23) The Love Spell Potential - watch
(24) The Bon Voyage Reaction - watch
Season 7:
(1) The Hofstadter Insufficiency - watch
(2) The Deception Verification - watch
(3) The Scavenger Vortex - watch
(4) The Raiders Minimization - watch
(5) The Workplace Proximity - watch
(6) The Romance Resonance - watch
(7) The Proton Displacement - watch
(8) The Itchy Brain Simulation - watch
(9) The Thanksgiving Decoupling - watch
(10) The Discovery Dissipation - watch
(11) The Cooper Extraction - watch
(12) The Hesitation Ramification - watch
(13) The Occupation Recalibration - watch
(14) The Convention Conundrum - watch
(15) The Locomotive Manipulation - watch
(16) The Table Polarization - watch
(17) The Friendship Turbulence - watch
(18) The Mommy Observation - watch
(19) The Indecision Amalgamation - watch
(21) The Anything Can Happen Recurrence - watch
(22) The Proton Transmogrification - watch
(23) The Gorilla Dissolution - watch
(24) The Status Quo Combustion - watch
Season 8:
(1) The Locomotion Interruption - watch
(2) The Junior Professor Solution - watch
(3) The First Pitch Insufficiency - watch
(4) The Hook-up Reverberation - watch
(5) The Focus Attenuation - watch
(6) The Expedition Approximation - watch
(8) The Prom Equivalency - watch
(9) The Septum Deviation - watch
(10) The Champagne Reflection - watch
(11) The Clean Room Infiltration - watch
(12) The Space Probe Disintegration - watch
(13) The Anxiety Optimization - watch
(14) The Troll Manifestation - watch
(15) The Comic Book Store Regeneration - watch
(16) The Intimacy Acceleration - watch
(17) The Colonization Application - watch
(18) The Leftover Thermalization - watch
(19) The Skywalker Incursion - watch
(20) The Fortification Implementation - watch
(21) The Communication Deterioration - watch
(22) The Graduation Transmission - watch
(23) The Maternal Combustion - watch
(24) The Commitment Determination - watch
Season 10:
(1) The Conjugal Conjecture - watch
(2) The Military Miniaturization - watch
(3) The Dependence Transcendence - watch
(4) The Cohabitation Experimentation - watch
(5) The Hot Tub Contamination - watch
(6) The Fetal Kick Catalyst - watch
(7) The Veracity Elasticity - watch
(8) The Brain Bowl Incubation - watch
(9) The Geology Elevation - watch
(10) The Property Division Collision - watch
(11) The Birthday Synchronicity - watch
(12) The Holiday Summation - watch
(13) The Romance Recalibration - watch
(14) The Emotion Detection Automation - watch
(15) The Locomotion Reverberation - watch
(16) The Allowance Evaporation - watch
(17) The Comic-Con Conundrum - watch
(18) The Escape Hatch Identification - watch
(19) The Collaboration Fluctuation - watch
(20) The Recollection Dissipation - watch
(21) The Separation Agitation - watch
(22) The Cognition Regeneration - watch
(24) The Long Distance Dissonance - watch
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