70 romantic series online

70 romantic series online 70 romantic series online 70 romantic series online 70 romantic series online
Watch the best series online! Choose from hundreds of Czech, Slovak and international series from TV broadcast. Play particular episodes or the whole series and use all the buttons (skip, pause) that you're used to. Enjoy watching TV as much as you can for only 249 Kč!
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Lež na pláži

2024 | Czech Republic | Romance, Comedy
The Big Bang Theory 81% 276 episodes

The Big Bang Theory

2007-2019 | USA | Comedy, Romance
Kreslíme s Willem a jeho vypravěči 71% 228 episodes

Kreslíme s Willem a jeho vypravěči

2003-2015 | USA | Comedy, Romance
Friends 89% 203 episodes


1994-2004 | USA | Romance, Comedy
Ordinace v růžové zahradě 31% 23 episodes

Ordinace v růžové zahradě

2008-2018 | Czech Republic | Romance, Drama, Comedy
Sběratelé kostí 78% 7 episodes

Sběratelé kostí

2005-2009 | USA | Drama, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Romance
Rosamunde Pilcher 38% 8 episodes

Rosamunde Pilcher

2013-2022 | Germany, Austria | Romance, Drama
Nekonečná láska 76% 12 episodes

Nekonečná láska

2015 | Turkey | Thriller, Drama, Romance
Slunečná 47% 7 episodes


2020 | Czech Republic | Romance, Comedy, Family
Zlatá sedmdesátá 75% 16 episodes

Zlatá sedmdesátá

1998-2006 | USA | Romance, Drama, Comedy
Ve hře je láska 73% 28 episodes

Ve hře je láska

2015 | Turkey | Romance, Comedy
Game of Thrones 92% 73 episodes

Game of Thrones

2011-2019 | USA, Great Britain | Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama, Fairy Tale, Romance, Thriller
Az po usi 68% 2 episodes

Az po usi

2014-2018 | Czech Republic | Romance, Comedy


2020 | Czech Republic | Romance, Drama
Tajemné křížovky: Čáry máry smrt

Tajemné křížovky: Čáry máry smrt

2020 | USA | Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Smallville 75% 178 episodes


2001-2011 | USA, Canada | Thriller, Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction
Na každém kroku 70% 7 episodes

Na každém kroku

2019 | Turkey | Comedy, Romance
Super drbna 75% 112 episodes

Super drbna

2007-2012 | USA | Romance, Drama, Comedy, Mystery
Roswell: Nové Mexiko 63% 49 episodes

Roswell: Nové Mexiko

2019-2022 | USA | Science Fiction, Drama, Romance
Lásce navzdory 73% 9 episodes

Lásce navzdory

2015 | Turkey | Romance, Comedy
Kassandra 73% 32 episodes


1992 | Venezuela | Romance, Drama
Dva z Queensu 74% 5 episodes

Dva z Queensu

1999-2003 | USA | Comedy, Romance
Dobré místo 82% 5 episodes

Dobré místo

2018-2020 | USA | Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Mystery, Fairy Tale, Romance
Yago, syn džungle 46% 38 episodes

Yago, syn džungle

2001 | Argentina | Romance, Drama
Toskánska vášeň 83% 14 episodes

Toskánska vášeň

2012 | Italy | Romance
Ranger 65%


2018 | Germany | Crime, Drama, Family, Romance
Jak jsem poznal vaši matku 83%

Jak jsem poznal vaši matku

2013-2014 | USA | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Little House On The Prairie 75% 6 episodes

Little House On The Prairie

1974-1976 | USA | Drama, Family, Romance, Western
Nespoutaný anděl 65% 160 episodes

Nespoutaný anděl

2008-2009 | Mexico | Thriller, Drama, Romance
Brousko 52% 10 episodes


2014-2015 | Cyprus | Drama, Romance
Pravá tvář

Pravá tvář

2017 | Slovakia | Thriller, Drama, Romance
Divoké včely 82% 6 episodes

Divoké včely

2019-2020 | Greece | Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Emma 81% 3 episodes


2009 | Great Britain | Romance, Drama, Comedy, Thriller
Dvě tváře lásky 78% 58 episodes

Dvě tváře lásky

1998-1999 | Mexico | Thriller, Drama, Romance
Dokud nás smrt nerozdělí 72%

Dokud nás smrt nerozdělí

2006-2007 | USA, Canada | Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Crime, Fairy Tale, Romance
Spoutaná láska 71%

Spoutaná láska

2019 | Ukraine | Romance, Drama, Historical
Syn draka 52%

Syn draka

2006 | USA | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Romance
Rome 88% 7 episodes


2005-2007 | Great Britain, USA | Action, Drama, Historical, Romance, Thriller, War
House of the Dragon 85% 2 episodes

House of the Dragon

2022 | USA | Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama, Fairy Tale, Romance, Thriller
Misfits 83% 30 episodes


2009-2013 | Great Britain | Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Fairy Tale, Romance, Science Fiction
Gentleman Jack 82% 16 episodes

Gentleman Jack

2019-2022 | Great Britain | Thriller, Drama, Historical, Romance, Biopic
The Durrells 82% 26 episodes

The Durrells

2016-2019 | Great Britain | Thriller, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Biopic
ER 82% 137 episodes


1994-2009 | USA | Thriller, Drama, Romance, Medical
True Blood 81% 80 episodes

True Blood

2008-2014 | USA | Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Fairy Tale, Romance
Insecure 80% 44 episodes


2016-2021 | USA | Romance, Comedy
The Vampire Diaries 79% 167 episodes

The Vampire Diaries

2009-2017 | USA | Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Fairy Tale, Romance
A Discovery of Witches 78% 25 episodes

A Discovery of Witches

2018-2022 | USA, Great Britain | Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Thriller
Superman & Lois 78% 42 episodes

Superman & Lois

2021-2023 | USA | Adventure, Action, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction
Our Flag Means Death 78% 10 episodes

Our Flag Means Death

2022 | USA | Action, Adventure, Historical, Comedy, Romance, Biopic
One Tree Hill 78% 159 episodes

One Tree Hill

2003-2012 | USA | Drama, Romance
State of the Union 77% 20 episodes

State of the Union

2019-2021 | Great Britain | Romance, Drama, Comedy
The O.C. 76% 66 episodes

The O.C.

2003-2007 | USA | Drama, Comedy, Romance
Shall we kiss 74% 13 episodes

Shall we kiss

2013-2014 | Romania | Drama, Romance
Togetherness 74% 16 episodes


2014-2016 | USA | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Tell Me You Love Me 74% 9 episodes

Tell Me You Love Me

2007 | USA | Drama, Romance
Mom 74% 45 episodes


2013-2016 | USA | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Pretty Little Liars 73% 98 episodes

Pretty Little Liars

2010-2016 | USA | Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Sex and the City 72% 78 episodes

Sex and the City

1998-2003 | USA | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Miracle Workers 71% 18 episodes

Miracle Workers

2019-2021 | USA | Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Fairy Tale, Romance
Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin 70% 9 episodes

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

2022 | USA | Romance, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Vraždy na Sandhamnu: Tiché vody 69%

Vraždy na Sandhamnu: Tiché vody

2010 | Sweden | Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Ziggy a zoovláčik 68%

Ziggy a zoovláčik

2015 | Canada | Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Vyměněné osudy 60%

Vyměněné osudy

2014-2015 | Turkey | Thriller, Drama, Crime, Romance
Žena za pultem 57%

Žena za pultem

1978 | Czechoslovakia | Romance, Comedy, Family
Kavárna štěstí 60% 4 episodes

Kavárna štěstí

2021 | Greece | Romance, Comedy
And Just Like That... 57% 4 episodes

And Just Like That...

2021-2022 | USA | Romance, Drama, Comedy
Gossip Girl 54% 20 episodes

Gossip Girl

2021-2023 | USA | Drama, Romance
Inga Lindström 45%

Inga Lindström

2005-2008 | Germany | Romance, Drama
Ošklivka Katka 32%

Ošklivka Katka

2008 | Czech Republic | Romance, Drama, Comedy
Rodinná pouta 31%

Rodinná pouta

2004 | Czech Republic | Romance, Family
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It also works in other countries If you are going on holiday in the European Union, Lepší.TV will also work there.
ZOOM If some shows have black bars at the top and bottom, just click on the settings and select the "ZOOM" function. The movie or series then expands to full screen and you can start watching undisturbed.
Prima station without ads LEPŠÍ.TV, as one of the few providers of Internet TV, automatically plays shortened advertising blocks on Prima channels, when the viewer watches programs from the record. Moreover, it enables to skip ads completely on Prima channels for 59 CZK a month.
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Lepší.TV is a modern online streaming platform and you can watch it on you television, Smart TV, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. The only thing you need is an Internet connection with a minimal data flow speed of 3Mb/s. Discover all suitable devices here.

You can watch Lepší.TV anywhere in Czechia, Slovakia, or in the rest of the EU where you can get a sufficient Internet connection.
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Unfortunately, we do not offer internet connection services. However, Lepší.TV works perfectly on any providers' internet connection.
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Choosing an online TV service which matches your needs is not an easy task. That is why we have prepared a multitude of questions and answers to guide your decision-making. Just click here.
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You do not. If Lepší.TV does not suit your needs, you can cancel it anytime. There are no obligations to subscribing.
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