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Unrecognisable from the book! It is also not suitable for family viewing! I have only watched just one episode of Eastenders some years ago, 'The Durrells' reminds me of that episode; people shouting & screaming & being violent towards at each other. Really is a pathetic adaption. Ridiculous plot with the children trying to find a man to have sex with their mother, & where are the fantastically colourful Spiro & Stephanides characters?? Buried beneath a couple of boring actors who have obviously not read the book! If they & the director had done so we would have seen a far better story that held it's faith with the book & the acclaimed author. Keeley Hawes as the matriarch falls short in her portrayal; in the book Mrs Durrell did used to scold, but in a mild mannered way & certainly not by shouting her head off at her children & calling them vile. The actors who play the children do seem to have the right idea, their characters do in the main fit the book, particularly Larry Durrell. Interesting to note, Larry went on to become one of Britian's greatest living writers & Gerald a best selling author & conservationist who lead the world in animal conservation.

Starring: Keeley Hawes (Louisa Durrell), Josh O'Connor (Lawrence Durrell), Milo Parker (Gerald Durrell), Daisy Waterstone (Margo Durrell), Callum Woodhouse (Leslie Durrell), Alexis Georgoulis (Spiros Halikiopoulos)
Screenplay: Gerald Durrell, Simon Nye
Country: Great Britain
Year: 2019
Score: 81 %
Broadcasted on: STV1

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Season 4:
broadcasted 10.8. (1) Durrellovci - watch
broadcasted 11.8. (2) Durrellovci - watch
broadcasted 12.8. (3) Durrellovci - watch
broadcasted 15.8. (4) Durrellovci - watch
broadcasted 16.8. (5) Durrellovci - watch
broadcasted 17.8. (6) Durrellovci - watch
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