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Traja muži na zabitie

Film Traja muži na zabitie
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A man helps the victim of an auto accident, not realizing that the man has actually been shot. The men who shot him are now after the man who helped him, in order to eliminate him as a potential witness. Soon they are killing everyone he even comes in contact with in order to get him.

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime
Directed by: Jacques Deray
Starring: Alain Delon (Michel Gerfaut), Dalila Di Lazzaro (Béa), Michel Auclair (Leprince), Pascale Roberts (Paní Borelová), Lyne Chardonnet, Jean-Pierre Darras (Chocard)
Country: France
Year: 1980
Score: 66 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel STV1 at 3.6.2022 22:05
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