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Jura is a modern young man who thinks rationally and studies at a university. He cannot believe the news that his father has arranged his marriage with the daughter of his best friend years ago, and now his father wants him to go and meet his bride in Slovakia. At first, Jura refuses to agree with the absurd proposal, but gradually he gives in to his father's emotional blackmailing. With Stano, a temperamental family friend, they set out on a journey across the country in an old ramshackle van.

Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Jiří Vejdelek
Starring: Bolek Polívka (Stano), Marián Labuda (Roman), Vítězslav Holub (Jura), Jean Constantin (Somali), Corina Moise (Bebetka), Vladimír Javorský (pošťák ďábel bůh)
Screenplay: Marek Epstein
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2007
Score: 62 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel ČT2 at 10.7.2022 21:55
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