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Tomás Matonoha, Pavel Liska, Josef Polásek and Marek Daniel met during their studies at JAMU (Janacek's Academy of Performing Arts) and created a creative foursome bound together with close friendship. As time went by, it turned out that despite all four of them are rather successful, they are struggling for life and encountering existential problems and doubts. In their forties, they decide to travel back in time and shoot a film about their youth, vanished energy, lost illusions and long gone naivety. Unexpectedly, a story about friendship, crisis and absurdity in the life of an actor, balancing between reality and illusions, is created.

Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Marek Najbrt
Starring: Pavel Liska (Pavel Liska), Tomáš Matonoha (Tomás Matonoha), Josef Polásek (Josef Polásek), Marek Daniel (Marek Daniel / Emil Havlát), Jan Budar (Jan Budar), Jana Plodková (Jana Plodáková)
Year: 2012
Score: 58 %
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