Jak se krotí krokodýli

Film Jak se krotí krokodýli
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About movie: Jak se krotí krokodýli

New film by Marie Polednakova, a phenomenon of the highest order in Czech comedy films who has achieved unparalleled success, director and screenwriter of the comedy of the century YOU MAKE THE WORLD FUN (S tebou mě baví svět) and legendary films HOW TO PULL OUT A WHALE’S TOOTH (Jak vytrhnout velrybě stoličku) and HOW TO GET DADDY INTO A FIX (Jak dostat tatínka do polepšovny). Marie Polednakova has returned to film directing after sicteen years ti create an impressive family comedy TOMING CROCODILES (Jak se krotí krokodýli). She has again shown her originality, sense of humor and mastery of directing that are appreciated by young and old viewers alike.

Genre: Comedy, Family
Directed by: Marie Polednáková
Starring: Miroslav Etzler (Luboš Rychman), Ingrid Timková (Anna Rychmanová), Jiří Mádl (Vašek Rychman), Zofie Tesarová, Václav Postránecký (Děda Pepík), Tomás Pec
Screenplay: Marie Polednáková
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2006
Score: 42 %
Broadcasted on: Nova Cinema
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