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Co dělat v Denveru, když člověk nežije

Film Co dělat v Denveru, když člověk nežije
  Trailer for movie Co dělat v Denveru, když člověk nežije Trailer
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They can die quickly. They can die slowly. But they must die!
Retired gangster Jimmy the Saint has been living the quiet life in Denver until, out of the blue, he is summoned to visit his ex-boss, The Man With The Plan. As Jimmy learns, The Man has both a plan and an offer he can't refuse: a lot of money to pull off a simple "action," scaring off the kid who's romancing The Man's dim-witted son's ex-girlfriend. Jimmy decides to round up his former cronies to share in the spoils. This group of misfits includes: Franchise, Pieces, Critical Bill, and Easy Wind. Along the way, he also falls for the alluring Dagney, the only girl in town who makes his saintly heart go "thump." But, on the night of the "action," the whole plan goes maddeningly awry. Suddenly, the gang's quiet life isn't so quiet anymore... they become the objects of a bounty hunt by diabolical hired assassin Mr. Shhh. It's all dumb luck for Jimmy, who's fallen in love the same week he's been dealt a death sentence.

Genre: Drama, Crime, Romance
Directed by: Gary Fleder
Starring: Andy Garcia (Jimmy Tosnia), Christopher Lloyd (Pieces), William Forsythe (Franchise), Bill Nunn (Easy Wind), Treat Williams (Kritický Bill), Jack Warden (Joe Heff)
Screenplay: Scott Rosenberg
Country: USA
Year: 1995
Score: 67 %
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