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Zmařené naděje

Series Zmařené naděje
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Series information

"Clash of Futures" created by Jan Peter and Gunnar Dedio explores the dramatic era of the 1920s and '30s. The eight-part series follows the fates of extraordinary men, women and children from France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Sweden, Poland and the Soviet Union using their own diary entries, letters and memoirs. These are people drawn into the war by their convictions, who with their loves and decisions bring the history of Europe with all its contradictions to life.

Starring: Bernt Hahn (8 episodes 2018), Wenzel Banneyer (8 episodes 2018), Hüseyin Michael Cirpici (8 episodes 2018), Tom Jacobs (V) (8 episodes 2018), Beatrix Hermens (6 episodes 2018), Jan Krauter (Hans Beimler 5 episodes 2018)
Year: 2018
Score: 74 %
Broadcasted on: ČT2

List of episodes

broadcasted 1.7. (1) Ă?berleben - watch
broadcasted 8.7. (2) Frieden - watch
broadcasted 15.7. (3) Entscheidungen - watch
broadcasted 22.7. (4) Revolution - watch
broadcasted 29.7. (5) Crash - watch
broadcasted 5.8. (6) Versprechen - watch
broadcasted 12.8. (7) Verrat - watch
broadcasted 19.8. (8) Krieg - watch
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