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Series Zhoubná moc
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Series information

Contemporary Warsaw. A homeless alcoholic dies. Commissioner Monika Brzozowska, who leads the investigation, senses that there is more to the case than just a scam. Subsequent crimes with a similar modus operandi confirm her suspicions. During the investigation it turns out that the former sins of the murdered are related to the mistakes of the commissioner's youth. Brzozowska, suffering from memory lapses, becomes entangled in a dangerous game that will force her to look back and fight again with the demons of the past. Demons that she had only apparently defeated years ago.

Genre: Crime
Starring: Julia Kijowska (Commissioner Monika Brzozowska 8 episodes 2021), Maciej Zakoscielny (Piotr Wasilewski 8 episodes 2021), Zuzanna Zielinska (Aspirant Agata Wójcik 8 episodes 2021), Dawid Ogrodnik (Lieutenant Czeslaw Warecki 8 episodes 2021), Maria Pakulnis
Country: Poland
Year: 2021
Score: 67 %
Broadcasted on: AXN Black

List of episodes

broadcasted 30.1. (5) Zhoubná moc - watch
broadcasted 30.1. (6) Zhoubná moc - watch
broadcasted 31.1. (7) Zhoubná moc - watch
broadcasted 1.2. (8) Zhoubná moc - watch
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