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Policie Modrava

Series Policie Modrava
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Series information

Policie Modrava is a mosaic of individual criminal cases set among the citizens of the Sumava Mountains. Investigator Jana Vinická comes to a police station in the KasperskĂ(C) mountains. Crime TV show that is a mosaic of individual criminal cases, is set among the citizens of the Sumava Mountains. The story's main character is criminal investigator Jana Vinická who comes to a police station in KasperskĂ(C) mountains from the urban environment of Pilsen for personal reasons. Here she becomes the chief of the department. Her experience and her status will give her colleagues a chance to solve individual criminal cases.

Genre: Crime
Directed by: Jaroslav Soukup
Starring: Sona Norisová (Jana Vinicka), Filip Tomsa (Kamil Sedlacek), Jaroslav Satoranský (Vaclav Koutny), Matěj Dadák (Josef Vitek), Zdeněk Palusga (por. Vlasta Novácek 40 episodes 2011-2022), Jan Monczka (Karel Franc)
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2019
Score: 58 %
Broadcasted on: Nova

List of episodes

Season 3:
broadcasted 3.12. (6) NeznĂĄmĂ˝ ĂştocnĂ­k - watch
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