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Panoptikum Města pražského

Series Panoptikum Města pražského
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Series information

The series Prague Underworld relies on understatement to colorfully depict the history of Czech criminology. Each episode is a precise miniature portrait, full of tragicomic figures: petty criminals and thieves, prostitutes, con men and even major criminals. Using 1930's society and a touch of nostalgia as a backdrop, the series shows the varied atmosphere of a world long forgotten: technology seemed to be at its peak, limousines were ever more elegant, political life ever more confused and women ever more seductive. The protagonists of the series are old-fashioned detectives in bowler hats: Messrs. Bruzek, Bouse and Soucek. Their universally admired boss, respected Police Commissioner Vacátko, has recently died, and the new commissioner brings different times. Only the sins of the Prague's underworld remain basically the same.

Genre: Crime
Directed by: Antonín Moskalyk
Starring: Jirí Adamíra (Korejs police board), Josef Vinklár (Detective Bouse), Josef Bláha (Detective Bruzek), Ondřej Havelka (Dr.Soucek), Dalimil Klapka, Bedřich Prokos (Police prefect)
Screenplay: Jirí Marek
Country: Czechoslovakia
Year: 1986
Score: 80 %
Broadcasted on: ČT1

List of episodes

broadcasted 2.9. (1) Funus - watch
broadcasted 9.9. (2) Devce od vody - watch
broadcasted 16.9. (3) Atentát na ministerského predsedu - watch
broadcasted 23.9. (4) Letní prehánka - watch
broadcasted 30.9. (5) Potkat Andela - watch
broadcasted 7.10. (6) V tom starém dome - watch
broadcasted 14.10. (7) Hokynárská balada - watch
broadcasted 21.10. (8) Pan rada v Parízi - watch
broadcasted 4.11. (9) Príbeh z dovolené - watch
broadcasted 11.11. (10) Laková krabicka na caj - watch
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