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Návrat Sherlocka Holmese

Series Návrat Sherlocka Holmese
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Series information

Dr. Watson, finds a mystery in an empty house, while Holmes and he later solve the mysteries of an abbey grange, the Musgrave ritual, a second stain, a man with a twisted lip, the priory school, and a half-dozen plaster busts of Bonaparte.

Starring: Jeremy Brett (Sherlock Holmes), Edward Hardwicke (Dr. Watson), Rosalie Williams (Mrs Hudson), Colin Jeavons (Inspector Lestrade), Denis Lill (Inspector Bradstreet)
Country: Great Britain
Year: 1986-1988
Score: 88 %
Broadcasted on: ČT1

List of episodes

Season 1:
broadcasted 21.10. (2) The Abbey Grange - watch
broadcasted 14.10. (3) The Musgrave Ritual - watch
broadcasted 14.10. (4) The Second Stain - watch
broadcasted 28.10. (5) The Man with the Twisted Lip - watch
broadcasted 28.10. (7) The Six Napoleons - watch
Season 2:
broadcasted 4.11. (1) The Devil's Foot - watch
broadcasted 4.11. (2) Silver Blaze - watch
broadcasted 11.11. (3) Wisteria Lodge - watch
broadcasted 11.11. (4) The Bruce Partington Plans - watch
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