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Ella Schön: Setkání na ostrově

Series Ella Schön: Setkání na ostrově
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When Thomas SchĂ?n dies, his Asperger-suffering widow Ella inherits a house on Fischland which she plans to sell to pay off debts, but finds it inhabited by Thomas's previously unmentioned 'other family', foppish Christina Kieper and their kids, sensible Ben and mini brat Klara. Startled, Ella moves into the garden shed, giving the family notice, but Christina bluntly refuses and hires the only local lawyer, Kollkamp, whom she impresses with aborted legal studies know-how. Socially awkward but rational Ella and the grumpy locals get to know and somewhat appreciate each-other, she even starts a physical affair with uncomplicated studly handyman Jannis, whom she hired to fix the electricity, having an offer from hotel chain tycoon Teetz. Christina's pregnancy proves crucial.

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Directed by: Maurice Hübner
Starring: Annette Frier (Ella Schön), Julia Richter (Christina Kieper), Rainer Reiners (Kollkamp), Josef Heynert (Jannis), Maximilian Ehrenreich (Ben Kieper), Zora Müller (Klara Kieper)
Country: Germany
Year: 2018
Score: 69 %
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