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Series Chobotnica
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Corrado Cattani is a police inspector whose life is devoted to fighting the Italian mafia (known here as "La Piovra" or "The Octopus"). Even as his family and life are being destroyed by ruthless criminals, the intrepid comissar keeps fighting...

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Directed by: Damiano Damiani
Starring: Michele Placido (komisař Corrado Cattani), Barbara De Rossi (komtesa Raffaella Pecci Scialoia/Titti), Nicole Jamet (Else Cattaniová), Angelo Infanti (Sante Cirinná), Pino Colizzi (Nanni Santamaria), Renato Mori (vicekomisař Altero)
Year: 1984
Score: 84 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel Trojka at 2.10.2022 21:30
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