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Ach, ty vraždy!

Series Ach, ty vraždy!
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Series information

Detective stories full of suspense and disguises, peppered with humor The central characters of the plots of all the five episodes are the retired lawyer Kveta Kalendová and her twenty-seven-year old grandson Kamil, officer of the criminal police. Kamil is bedeviled by bad luck and as a result constantly in danger of being dismissed from the police ranks. And each time it is his grandmother who helps him to track down the villain and thus keep his job ... at least till the beginning of the next episode. Grandmother Kalendová is an amateur actress and therefore has access to all sorts of costumes, which she uses as a disguise when sneaking unnoticed into the environment in which the respective crime was perpetrated.

Genre: Crime, Comedy
Directed by: Zdenek Zelenka
Starring: Jiřina Bohdalová (JUDr. Kalendová), Václav Jílek (por. Kamil Kalenda), František Nemec (policejní rada Drtina), Jirí Stepnicka (mjr. Dymák), Filip Blazek (npr. Materna), Petr Kostka (Dr. Foldyna)
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2009-2012
Score: 63 %
Broadcasted on: ČT1

List of episodes

(2) Hřích profesora Sodomky - watch
(3) Tajna mise docentky Rybkove - watch
(4) Smrt lobbisty Mansdorfa - watch
(5) Vražda poštovní doručovatelky - watch
(6) Archiv Felixe Burgeta - watch
(7) Proces doktorky Kalendové - watch
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