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Vyhlášení války

Film Vyhlášení války
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The opening night film at this year's Critics Week at the Cannes Film Festival and France's Official Entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards(r), this exuberant and deeply moving film follows a new couple, Romeo (Jeremie Elkaim) and Juliette (Valerie Donzelli), who must face the ultimate test when they discover their newborn child is very ill. Gathering their friends and family together, they confront the ordeal together as a form of warfare. Donzelli infuses the story with unexpected verve using a host of cinematic techniques, music and heartbreaking performances that results in a film about a contemporary couple who surprises even themselves with their ability to fight not only for the life of their child but for each other. The result is a film will bring tears to your eyes but will dazzle you with its contagious vitality for life. DECLARATION OF WAR draws on the real life experiences of Donzelli and co-star/co-writer Elkaim and what they went through when their own son fell ill.

Genre: Drama
Directed by: Valérie Donzelli
Starring: Valérie Donzelli (Juliette), Jérémie Elkaim (Roméo Benaim), César Desseix (Adam a 18 mois), Gabriel Elkaim (Adam a 8 ans), Brigitte Sy (Claudia la mere de Roméo), Elina Löwensohn (Alex la femme de Claudia)
Country: France
Year: 2011
Score: 70 %
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