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Vrchní, prchni!

Film Vrchní, prchni!
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Movie information

A comedy concerning a down on his luck bookshop owner with a penchant for women who decides to make some money by pretending to be a waiter and collecting cash from unsuspecting diners.

Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Ladislav Smoljak
Starring: Josef Abrhám (Dalibor Vrána), Libuse Safránková (Vránová), Eliška Balzerová (Věra), Zuzana Fiserová (Douchová), Zdeněk Sverák (Pařízek), Dagmar Patrasová (Manuela)
Screenplay: Zdeněk Sverák
Country: Czechoslovakia
Year: 1980
Score: 82 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel STV1 at 21.5.2022 15:15
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