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They went up like men! They came down like animals!
WWII, in a British disciplinary camp located in the Libyan desert. Prisoners are persecuted by Staff Sergeant Williams, who made them climb again and again, under the heavy sun, an artificial hill built right in the middle of the camp. Harris is a more human and compassionate guard, but the chief, S.M. Wilson, refuses to disown his subordinate Williams. One day, five new prisoners arrive. Each of them will deal in a different way with the authority and Williams' ferocity.

Genre: Drama, War
Directed by: Sidney Lumet
Starring: Sean Connery (Trooper Joe Roberts), Harry Andrews (Bert Wilson), Ian Bannen (Seržant Charlie Harris), Alfred Lynch (George Stevens), Ossie Davis (Jacko King), Roy Kinnear (Monty Bartlett)
Screenplay: Ray Rigby, R.S. Allen
Country: Great Britain
Year: 1965
Score: 79 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel ČT2 at 13.5.2022 20:00
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