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The story of a hot-headed cop who grows fixated on cracking open a case of arson that left two women dead. Determined to pin the blame on a young Romani man, he begins to lose control, driven by racist reflexes rather than solid evidence.

Genre: Drama, Crime
Directed by: Bogdan George Apetri
Starring: Bogdan Farcas (Florin Iespas), Dragos Dumitru (Banel), Vasile Muraru (Comisar Sef), Emanuel Parvu (Marius Preda), Olimpia Malai (secretara Lizuca), Andrei Araditz (Mircea)
Year: 2021
Score: 70 %
  Czech Republic Czech Republic   Slovakia Slovakia   Poland Poland   Croatia Croatia   Yкраїнська Yкраїнська