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About movie: Nepovedenej kšeft

Best business trip ever
Dan Trunkman is living the great American life... and all of the intense pressures that come with it. His overweight son is mercilessly teased at school, hes trying to close the biggest deal of his career, and his daughters school assignment called Who is your Dad?, has him taking a closer look at himself than his fast paced life will allow. On the eve of closing his deal, hes suddenly forced to go see corporate powers in Berlin. It seems its just the formality of handshakes and signatures but when Dan arrives in Berlin his competitor is there and now hes desperately fighting for a deal that is fast slipping away, and could mean his financial ruin. He experiences a car wreck on the Autobahn, and a drunken night at a gay festival, all while trying to deal with family pressures via Facetime. Join us on this modern odyssey that will have Dan discovering who he is, what hes made of, and what is ultimately most important to him.

Orig. title:

Unfinished Business

Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Ken Scott (V)
Starring: Vince Vaughn (Dan Trunkman), Tom Wilkinson (Timothy McWinters), Dave Franco (Mike Pancake), Sienna Miller (Chuck Portnoy), June Diane Raphael (Susan Trunkman), Britton Sear (Paul Trunkman)
Screenplay: Steve Conrad
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Score: 54 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel AXN at 18.2.2024 20:00
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