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Nenápadná slečna

Film Nenápadná slečna
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Climbing the corporate ladder can be murder.
Sarah Jane McKinney is a secretary for a big pharmaceutical company. Her aspirations are mostly for romance, she's waiting for her knight in shining armor. Looking for a sign of what to do, she applies for an executive position, even though it involves lying in her resume. When she thinks she lands the job, it turns out she's just the secretary for a new, young, handsome company transfer. She thinks he must be the man for her, but then she accidentally kills him. With one murder under her belt, she starts climbing the corporate ladder, but then her real knight in shining armor enters her life - in the form of a homicide detective.

Orig. title:

Miss Nobody

Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Tim Cox
Starring: Leslie Bibb (Sarah Jane McKinney), Adam Goldberg (Bill Malloy), Kathy Baker (Claire McKinney), Missi Pyle (Charmaine), Brandon Routh (Milo Beeber), David Anthony Higgins (Morty Wickham)
Screenplay: Doug Steinberg
Country: USA
Year: 2010
Score: 55 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel Filmbox Extra at 23.11.2023 22:40
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