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Blue Velvet

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About movie: Blue Velvet

The Most Talked About Film of the Decade (US Laserdisc release)
A man returns to his home town after being away and discovers a severed human ear in a field. Not satisfied with the police's pace, he and the police detective's daughter carry out their own investigation. The object of his investigation turns out to be a beautiful and mysterious woman involved with a violent and perversely evil man.

Directed by: David Lynch
Starring: Isabella Rossellini (Dorothy Vallensová), Kyle MacLachlan (Jeffrey Beaumont), Dennis Hopper (Frank Booth), Laura Dern (Sandy Williams), Hope Lange (Paní Williamsová), Dean Stockwell (Ben)
Screenplay: David Lynch
Country: USA
Year: 1986
Score: 77 %
Broadcasted on: Cinemax Cinemax 2
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