Modlitba pro Kateřinu Horovitzovou

Film Modlitba pro Kateřinu Horovitzovou
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About movie: Modlitba pro Kateřinu Horovitzovou

A group of wealthy American Jewish businessmen have been captured by the SS and are told that they are to be traded to the American army for several SS officers. However, these hostages are being required to pay bribes for their transportation costs. In order to ensure that the businessmen will be more cooperative in paying up, a beautiful female singer is placed in their midst as a bargaining chip. The group of hostages are then placed on a train which is supposed to take them to the ship that will deliver them to freedom, but a series of mishaps delays their escape. It soon becomes clear that the journey is nothing more than a charade to soak as much money as possible out of the hostages. They arrive at a concentration camp, where the hostages are ordered to disrobe before their entry into the gas chamber. A particularly unpleasant SS officer orders the singer to strip in front of him. Just as the singer appears to move to take off her underwear, she wrestles the officer's gun away from him and starts shooting. That act of defiance brings in a set of guards who murder all of the hostages.

Genre: Drama
Starring: Jirí Adamíra (Bedrich Brenske), Jirí Bruder (Schillinger), Lenka Fiserová (Katerina Horovitzova), Vladimír Hlavatý (Hugo Varecky), Felix Le Breux (Walter Taubenstock), Antonín Molcík (Sepp Hojer)
Screenplay: Arnost Lustig
Country: Czechoslovakia
Year: 1965
Score: 79 %
Broadcasted on: ČT art
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