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Léto s Monikou

Film Léto s Monikou
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A Picture for Wide Screens and Broad Minds
Harry Lund is a nineteen years old young man who meets Monika, a romantic, reckless and rebel seventeen years old teenager and both fall in love for each other. They live their families and jobs in their small town, Harry gets his father's boat and they spend the summer together in an isolated island. Monika gets pregnant, and Harry decides to get married with her. He grows-up, gets a job and return to the studies, trying to improve their lives and raise their daughter June, while Monika just wants to have fun. An inevitable separation happens in the end.

Genre: Drama, Romance
Directed by: Ingmar Bergman
Starring: Harriet Andersson (Monika), Lars Ekborg (Harry), Dagmar Ebbesen (Harry's aunt), Ĺke Fridell (Monika's father), Naemi Briese (Monika's mother), Ĺke Grönberg (Harry's friend at work)
Country: Sweden
Year: 1953
Score: 75 %
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