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Welcome to the last place on earth.
The film begins on a rainy night with a haunting nightmare experienced by Professor Pierre Arronax; water seeps in through under the door and as he opens it, he is submerged in water and is falling toward a sea monster. He lands in a net and struggles to get out. He wakes up to see water outside of his window and then the door suddenly opens seeing a figure taunting him, saying "Little man." At this point, Arronax wakes up to the morning sun. He then arrives late at a conference to scientific community. His theory of a giant sea narwhal is scoffed at by all in attendance. The presence of his father, Thierry Arronax and mistress, Lydia Rawlings does little to support Arronax.Arronax boards a train with a companion, Edward Saxon and goes out of his way to make a seat for Cable Attucks, a African-American from New Orleans, Louisiana. They then go on to meet Ned Land, a Canadian sailor and harpooner and from there board the USS Abraham Lincoln, headed by Admiral McCutcheon. A while into the voyage, Ned spots a humpback whale and prepares to harpoon it. Cabe takes note and disagrees. The two get into a fight. Soon after, the sea monster has been spotted; the ship fires but cannon balls merely bounce off the creature.The ship is rammed, sending Arronax, Ned, and Cabe overboard. They find themselves on the outside of the creature, now revealed to be a submarine and are knocked out by gas released from below . The trio soon meets the enigmatic Captain Nemo who has them thrown into a holding cell. Inexplicably soon after, they're being given a tour of the Nautilus. Meanwhile, the injured Lincoln is at sea, and the captain asks for Pierre's diary.The trio on the Nautilus descend with Nemo onto sea floor in diving suits. They encounter Imei (an Asian diving girl ) and rescue her before a bomb detonates, killing a crew member (Nelson?) attempting to repair it. Afterwards, Nemo once again locks up the three guests. Shortly, they attempt to escape only of course for Nemo to block it. Cabe Attucks gets in a fight with Nemo and after a pitched battle, Attucks subdues Nemo. Nemo simply gets up and gains a chokehold defeating Attucks.Nemo was angry and Arronax pledged to repair the Nautilus for Nemo. Arronax hits on the metal and hurts his hands. He went outside to seek for help. Arronax hits on a secret gate and detects a woman onboard.Arronax dreamt on the same nightmare again.When arronax woke up, Nemo visits him and tells Arronax that his hand is disabled, then Nemo shows him a mechanical hand, which has a mechanism to self destruct the Nautilus in an emergency. Arronax finds that he too has a mechanical hand.When Arronax asked Nemo destination, Nemo did not reveal.He goes after the mysterious lady and eventually Cabe Attucks and him meet her along with Imei. She is Nemo's daughter, Mara.Mara explains Geoeconomy to Arronax and Arronax said he knew GEO-ECONOMY but did not know who is Mara's father. Nemo coincidely comes to Mara's room and catches Arronax and Attucks up and told Arronax never visit Mara again.Mara explains the goal of detonating undersea charges set at various points along the sea floor around the globe in an effort to prevent earthquakes from ever happening again.The sub later encounters a lava underwater field and suffers great damage externally and internally. It surfaces in artic to repair wounds and etc.Arronax turned to ask Mara the destination. Mara "if my daddy can not discuss it with you I can not neither"When they nearly reached Atlantis, Arronax saw window "Atlantis!!!!"Mara nodded her head. Nemo brought all people to the destination , ATLANTIS . Arronax was happy.Arronax and Mara looked on the stars on sky. Mara asked Arronax why he pretend stupid. ...Arronax hid in his room writing Diaries and spoke that "what Plato said was right!"when they returned to ship, Ned was going to attack Mara, Arronax chokeheld Ned and saved Mara.Ned land soon escapes but is tracked down. in jail, Ned Land asked for Carving knife and Arronax "would you think Nemo would let you have the knife."Arronax was going to plead for Ned , Nemo "if you come here to plead me release your friend or support Mara. dont waste you breath. "Arronax was going to leave. Nemo pointed to wall heroes/historic figures, "do you know who these men are"Arronax" Italian Mann, Irish Okonroye, O-See-Yo-s-Fo, Poland and Albrain Lincoin."Nemo "Liberators all"Arronax "Dont you feel that you are a pressive monk?" and left nemo.Nemo invited Arronax to his room, to dine with himself. Then the Voyage reached UTOPIAThierry Arronax rival ship army comes.Mara "I can not see my father diligence into ruins"Mara left but unluckily, Mara was caught by Thierry Arronax, and Nemo fired trepedo, Mara was on Thierry's ship and was killed.The Lincoln tracks the nautilus and begins its second assault, this time pouding the Natilus into submission.among all people only Arronax alive."January the first, 19 Hundred. As a new day to a new century I start writing diaries. Cabe and Imei found me and save me back to the one now believes that Nemo and Nautilus theory, but it's great. at least it can make Nemo and Mara no need to avoid being found. everytime when I open the boat, I start thinking, where would Nemo and Mara locates? Once Nemo said, to live gentleman, the embrace of the sea, here is the independence, here I realise no master. HERE I AM FREE"

Directed by: Rod Hardy
Starring: Michael Caine (Captain Nemo), Patrick Dempsey (Pierre Arronax), Mia Sara (Mara), Bryan Brown (Ned Land), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Cabe Attucks), John Bach (Thierry Arronax)
Screenplay: Brian Nelson
Country: USA, Australia
Year: 1997
Score: 58 %
Broadcasted on: Prima MAX
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