Údolí záplav a ohně

Documentary Údolí záplav a ohně
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Program information

The seasonal changes of the Luangwa Valley are extraordinarily intense. Heavy rains transform the Luangwa River from a shallow channel into a majestic waterway where grass grows tall and streams fill with an abundant selection of creatures, providing plentiful food for many grazing mouths. It is a wetland paradise. But it is short lived. A relentless and crippling drought follows and lasts for a majority of the year; weakening all life, save for the predators who take advantage of this widespread fall. This is the Valley of Flood and Fire.

Genre: Natural World
Starring: Gina Mellotte (Narrator 1 episode 2017)
Screenplay: Hannah Hoare
Country: Canada
Year: 2017-2020
Play this program broadcasted on channel Love Nature at 22.1.2023 04:45
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