Těsné úniky 2. světové války

Documentary Těsné úniky 2. světové války
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About program: Těsné úniky 2. světové války

Series honors the incredible heroes of World War II who stood up and fought when everything else seemed lost. The series highlights the brilliant generals and brave troops whose selfless acts of courage saved hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Through their personal stories, this series recreates the suicidal raids, rearguard actions, and back-to-the-wall fighting it took to ensure, against all odds, that these men made it out alive.

Orig. title:

Narrow Escapes of WWII

Genre: Historical, War
Starring: Colin Tierney (Narrator), Paul Markey (Narrator), Erik Dellums (Narrator), Robert Lyman (Himself - Author 'Japan's Last Bid for Victory' /), Mungo Melvin (Himself - Major General Author 'Manstein: Hitler'), Richard Overy (Himself - Professor)
Screenplay: Jonathan Elliot
Country: USA
Year: 2012
Score: 82 %
Broadcasted on: Prima ZOOM
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