Nejdivočejší Nový Zéland

Documentary Nejdivočejší Nový Zéland
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Program information

The islands of New Zealand are home to an entirely unique menagerie of creatures. It is a place where the normal rules don't apply - the birds can't fly, a small, ancient lizard is a top predator, parrots play in snowy mountain meadows and penguins roam the streets. Seals battle on the beaches, albatrosses soar on the air currents and a monster movie plays out in miniature among the dense undergrowth of this lush, vital land.

Genre: Natural World
Directed by: Craig Meade
Screenplay: Craig Meade
Country: Canada
Year: 2017
Score: 85 %
Broadcasted on: Love Nature

List of episodes

broadcasted 23.1. (1) A Tale of Two Penguins - watch
broadcasted 24.1. (2) Untamed West - watch
broadcasted 25.1. (3) Wild Fortresses - watch
broadcasted 26.1. (4) Ocean Legacy - watch
broadcasted 3.1. (5) Creepiest Crawlies - watch
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