Když se velké věci pokazí

Documentary Když se velké věci pokazí
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When large man-made machines and structures fail, teams of experts examine the aftermath and try to determine what went wrong. Join in as the History Channel reveals the answers in When Big Things Go Wrong. Modern technology allows us to build incredible structures like giant tankers, mammoth skyscrapers and colossal bridges. But, with enormous size comes enormous risk, and when big things go wrong, they go really wrong. The HISTORY Channel's new series examines the catastrophic result of some of the world's worst engineering disasters caught on tape. Each episode breaks down shocking footage from collapses and collisions to reveal the shocking answers to the question, what happened?

Starring: Mocean Melvin (Narrator 6 episodes 2021), Rob Bell (Self - Mechanical Engineer 6 episodes 2021), Daniel Dickrell (Self - Mechanical Engineer University of Florida), Robert Glenister (Self - Narrator 6 episodes 2021), Luke Bisby (Self - Structural Engineer
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Score: 70 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel Prima ZOOM at 22.11.2022 03:30
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