Země dinosaurů 3: Velký dar

Země dinosaurů 3: Velký dar
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Program information

A nearby meteorite crash blocks off the dinosaurs' water supply, starting an ecological chain-reaction that threatens life in the valley. All the dinosaurs, including a group of stupid bullies, must cooperate in an effort to free the blockage, which involves a risky venture outside the valley.

Directed by: Roy Allen Smith
Starring: Scott McAfee (Littlefoot (voice)), Candace Hutson (Cera (voice)), Heather Hogan (Ducky (voice)), Jeff Bennett (Petrie (voice)), Rob Paulsen (Spike (voice)), John Ingle (Cera's Father (voice))
Country: USA
Year: 1995
Score: 57 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel ČT :D at 22.7.2022 09:05
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