Tryskouni: Velký včelí únos

Tryskouni: Velký včelí únos
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Program information

This synopsis is too short and may not include the required detailed description of the entire plot. We normally require that synopses be at least 10 lines long. If you have seen this title, please help us by improving and expanding this synopsis. Go Jetters follows the adventures of four heroes, Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz, as they travel the world with their teacher, mentor and friend, Ubercorn.

Genre: Animation, Family
Directed by: Ben Harper, Alex Sherwood
Starring: Tommie Earl Jenkins (Ubercorn), Akie Kotabe (Kyan), Syrus Lowe (Lars), John Hasler (Foz), Pilar Orti (Xuli), Marc Silk (Grandmaster Glitch)
Country: Great Britain
Year: 2015
Score: 75 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel ČT :D at 3.12.2022 14:30
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