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Program information

A story of an extraordinary TreFlik Family and their seemingly average life. A 4-year-old Treflik and his 6-year-old sister Treflinka live together with their parents in a little house. One day their ordinary life changes due to the appearance of a mysterious newcomer from a far away universe - Little Uncle. He has many magical powers and remains invisible to everyone except the children. During each episode this new friend takes Treflik and Treflinka on a new adventure visiting distant, desert lands, teaching them how to fly in a magical forest and conjuring mysterious objects. At the same time he helps children familiarize with important values and ideas, such us friendship, respect, support, honesty or tolerance. Laughter, fun and lots of positive feelings are also brought to little Trefliks by their family and friends, among whom there are some very intriguing characters!

Genre: Animation
Directed by: Marek Skrobecki
Starring: Karolina Trebacz (Treflik 13 episodes 2016), Joanna Jablczynska (Treflinka 13 episodes 2016), Cezary Kwiecinski (Maly Wujcio 13 episodes 2016), Dorota Kawecka (Mama 11 episodes 2016), Jaroslaw Boberek (Tata 10 episodes 2016), Krystyna Tkacz (Ciotka 6 epis
Screenplay: Piotr Dumala
Country: Poland
Year: 2016
Score: 79 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel ČT :D at 7.10.2022 06:26
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