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Program information

Nowadays an almost legendary Czech TV series very successfully mixing two worlds: the world of ours and the world of fairy tales. Princess Arabela, the daughter of the Fairy King escapes before the revenge of a cunning and conceitful magician Rumburak and leaves the world of fairy tales. She meets Petr Majer in the world of ours and falls in love with him. Spells, a magic ring, the bowl of seeing, a flying suitcase and magic things play a very important role in the series.

Directed by: Václav Vorlícek
Starring: Vladimír Mensík (Karel Majer), Stella Zázvorková (Mrs. Majerová), Jirí Lábus (Rumburak), Alena Karesová (Narrator), Jana Nagyová (Princess Arabela), Veronika Tyblová (Margret Hermannová)
Country: Czechoslovakia
Year: 1979-1980
Score: 84 %
Broadcasted on: ČT :D

List of episodes

broadcasted 11.6. (7) Pohádky jdou do sberu - watch
broadcasted 18.6. (8) Jenícek a Marenka - watch
broadcasted 25.6. (9) Civilizace si zádá své - watch
broadcasted 2.7. (10) Rumburakova velká sance - watch
broadcasted 9.7. (11) Příliš mnoho generálů - watch
broadcasted 16.7. (12) Hrdlicka zasahuje - watch
broadcasted 23.7. (13) Zvoneckem to zacalo, zvoneckem to koncí - watch
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