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LEPŠÍ.TV is also great to enjoy on smart devices , Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. To watch TV on your mobile or tablet , just download the Lepší.TV app, watch your favorite TV stations and HD movies, and enjoy modern TV features like scrolling or watching thirty days back!

App for Android

Smartphones and tablets are the ideal way to watch TV live and on the go. If you own an Android device , then there's nothing easier than downloading the Android Lepší.TV app from Google Play . Once it's installed, sign in to your Lepší.TV account and enjoy your TV and video library with 4 439 HD movies online! If you do not have a Google Play account, it is possible to download the current APK package. Download LEPŠÍ.TV for Android

App for iOS

Lepší.TV offers solutions for Apple mobile and tablets . To watch TV on your mobile or iOS tablet, download the Lepší.TV iOS app from the App Store . Just like with the Android Lepší.TV app, you must sign in with the Lepší.TV username and password. Download LEPŠÍ.TV for iOS

App for Huawei

You can also watch your favourite shows on Huawei devices. Just download the app from Download LEPŠÍ.TV for Huawei

IPTV Lepší.TV is the ideal solution for those who don't want to use a TV or computer to watch. However, it offers the same benefits as using Lepší.TV on Smart TV or Classic TV with the Lepší.TV Android set-top box . So you can rewind , record shows , or watch TV for up to 100 days back in HD !

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