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| An instruction manual for changing the buttons

An instruction manual for changing the functions of the buttons on an Android TV/BOX remote control

We have prepared a simple manual to assist you in setting any useless button on your remote control for playing Lepší.TV.

First, install the app Button Mapper which you can find in the Play Storu on your TV. Then open it.
The app will ask your permission for access in Accessibility. Allow access.
Now move to Settings → Device Preferences → Accessibility → Button Mapper → On
The app will then ask you, whether you wish to use Button Mapper. Choose OK.
In the main menu of the Button Mapper app choose Add buttons.
Click Add buttons again. Then press the button on your remote control which you wish to change.
Then you will see a line with the name of your chosen button. Click on it. Then you will see a window asking whether you wish to unlock PRO functions. Choose NO.

After you choose a specific button, you change its function. One button can have up to 3 different functions. The app differentiates between simple pressing, double pressing or long pressing. At first, click on Customise.
When you choose a specific type of pressing, you are defining an action. You can choose No action for buttons which you do not use or which you accidentally press. These button will then cease any function.
Choose the Application tab instead of the Action tab in the upper part of the screen. Now choose the application which you wish to view under the button. The change has immediate effect. There is no need to restart or confirm anything.
Now you can watch LEPŠÍ.TV after pressing a single button! We wish you fun while watching.
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