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Wealthy middle-aged Armando lures young men to his home with money. He doesnt want to touch, only watch from a strict distance. He also follows an elderly businessman with whom he seems to have had a traumatic relationship. Armandos first encounter with street thug Elder is violent, but this doesnt discourage the lonely mans fascination with the tough handsome teenager. Financial interest keeps Elder visiting him regularly and an unexpected intimacy emerges. But Armandos haunted past looms large, and Elder commits the ultimate act of affection on Armandos behalf.Lorenzo Vigas' first featured explores the psychology of a man terrified by the prospect of physical contact. This multi-layered film is at once a exploration of frustated desire and window onto the incredible social stratification of Caracas.Desde Allá speaks to Venezuela's present reality, with a narrative that traverses the disparate social classes comprising the country's capital from the gated communities of the very rich to the chaos of the downtown neighbourhoods, and out to the poor communities in the monotonous apartment blocks.

Orig. title:

From Afar

Genre: Drama
Directed by: Lorenzo Vigas
Starring: Alfredo Castro (Armando), Luis Silva (Elder), Jericó Montilla (Amelia), Catherina Cardozo (Maria), Jorge Luis Bosque (Fernando), Greymer Acosta (Palma)
Country: Venezuela, Mexico
Year: 2015
Score: 66 %
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