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Film Záhrada
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Jakub's life arrived at a dead-end. He leaves his job, and gets into conflict with his father. The trouble just grows by his relation with a married woman. Breaking out, Jakub realizes the pleasures of the countryside in the old garden of his grandfather. He finds true love with an angel, and encounters various exciting moments of his new free life. Strange visitors arrive, and he wont get back to town anymore.

Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Martin Sulík
Starring: Marián Labuda (Jakubův otec), Roman Luknár (Jakub), Zuzana Sulajová (Helena), Jana Svandová (Tereza), Katarína Vrzalová (Helenina matka), Dušan Trancík
Country: Slovakia
Year: 1995
Score: 78 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel STV2 at 16.10.2022 20:50
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