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Film Twilight sága: Rozbřesk
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About movie: Twilight sága: Rozbřesk

The epic finale that will live forever
Bella awakens to a new world. Her senses are sharpened, she's beautiful and she's strong - strong enough to make even Edward wince at the enthusiasm of her embrace. Bella wants to see her baby but as a newborn vampire, she is also blood-thirsty and Edward suggests that she hunts and feeds before she sees their baby. During the hunt, Bella is distracted by the unexpected presence of a rock-climber. When the climber skins his knee on the rocks, causing it to ooze blood, Bella starts to lose control, and rushes up the rock to get to him. Edwards follows, trying to persuade her to go back. Although she can feel the thirst for blood burning in her throat, Bella's will power and self-control prove so strong that she is able to throw herself off the rock into a lake to discontinue pursuit. Bella then begins to stalk a small deer. She sees a mountain lion with the intent to feed on the deer as well, so she attacks and feeds off the mountain lion.Well-fed, she returns to the Cullen home, anxious to see her baby. Jacob meets her outside and expresses concern that Bella isn't ready, much to Bella's annoyance. Jacob insists that Bella get used to his smell for the well being of the baby. Bella is confused by this and Edward shakes his head at Jacob, warning him to not tell Bella that he has imprinted on Renesmee. Bella realizes now that Jacob, being a wolf, really does smell bad to her. Edward assures Jacob that Bella can handle meeting Renesmee and Bella is at last reunited with her. Renesmee puts her hand on Bella's cheek and shows her first memory to Bella. Jacob is still fretting and the entire clan watches with varying degrees of amusement as Bella learns that Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee and is thus bonded with her for life. Angrily, she confronts Jacob, who tries to reason with her. She shoves him and tells him that he doesn't have any rights to her child. Seth and Leah, in their wolf forms, try to defend Jacob, and Bella angrily knocks Seth into a tree when he moves to protect Jake. She is instantly contrite. Jake finally manages to persuade Bella that he only wants to see Renesmee safe and happy, and it all makes sense now, why Jacob and Bella could've never been together, and why Bella wanted to be around Jacob so much during her pregnancy -- it was Renesmee who wanted him near, the entire time. Although still displeased, Bella is able to force herself to accept that even she can't force Jacob and Renesmee apart.As a wedding gift, the Cullens have renovated a cottage on the property for Bella and Edward to give them some privacy. They again make love, which Bella enjoys even more as a vampire. Bella wonders why they would ever want to stop making love since it feels so great, especially since they never have to stop to take a breath or sleep. They return to the Cullen's and the phone is ringing. It's Charlie; he has been calling twice a day. Bella misses Charlie, and is saddened when Carlisle points out that the kindest thing to do would be to tell Charlie that she has died so he can grieve. Emmett remarks how he is going to miss Forks and Carlisle responds that they always return. Jacob is taken aback by the prospect of losing Renesmee, and argues that they cannot leave Forks. The Cullens see no other way around the problem. Jacob takes the matter into his own hands by exposing himself as a werewolf to Charlie - Charlie is embarrassed and alarmed as Jacob awkwardly as begins to strip with a fumbling explanation, and shocked when he then turns into a wolf. Jacob explains that Bella has also undergone an "unusual" change but wants to have him in her life, if he can handle it. Edward is angry when Jacob tells them what he has done, reminding Jacob that Bella is a newborn vampire, and that Jacob's actions may have endangered Charlie. With hurried coaching from her new family, Bella is taught to fake blink, breathe and move slowly. Bella manages to control her blood thirst when Charlie visits and act almost normal, telling him only what he needs to know, even though he realizes that she has changed. He is hurt and confused since his daughter looks like his daughter but doesn't. When they embrace, he notices her cold body. They introduce Renesmee as a niece that they have adopted, but Charlie isn't buying it -- he realizes that she has Bella's eyes. He agrees that he does not need to know and falls in love with his "special" grandchild. After Charlie leaves, Emmett jokingly remarks that Bella seems too tame to be a true newborn. But Bella proves she has the physical strength of a newborn by besting Emmett in arm wrestling, and then smashing a huge boulder as the other Cullens watch in amusement.In a matter of weeks, Renesmee can talk and grows big enough to walk and hunt, which is a matter of concern for the family, because they fear she will age too quickly and die. Every moment is precious. When Bella and Jacob take Renesmee to catch snowflakes, Irina, a sister of the Denali clan, sees Renesmee from a distance, and mistakes her for an "immortal child," a child that has been made a vampire -- one of the highest crimes under Volturi law, because immortal children are undisciplined, never become mature, and can slaughter whole villages in one outburst of emotion. This would make it impossible to hide the existence of vampires from humankind. Bella is troubled that Irina refuses to speak to them and flees at Bella's approach, but Bella shrugs it off after Esme points out that Irina may have just been offended at the sight of Jacob in his wolf form. But later, Alice foresees the Volturi marching to destroy Renesmee and the whole Cullen clan. When she notes that Irina was with the Volturi, Edward puts everything together and realizes that Irina reported the Cullens to the Volturi.Shortly after, Sam shows up with a handwritten note from Alice. Sam explains that Alice and Jasper received permission to cross through Quileute land to the ocean. The note Alice wrote tells Bella and the Cullens that they should gather witnesses to vouch for Renesmee, because the Volturi will appear when the snowfall sticks. Alice and Jasper's disappearance frightens the family, who is afraid that Alice left because she foresaw their doom. Later, Bella is reading the note, and seeing that it was written on the back of a page from the book 'Merchant of Venice,' she realizes Alice took the page from Bella's own copy of the book. Consulting it, she finds a cryptic note that reads, 'J. Jenks, Seattle- destroy this.' Bella understands that Alice meant for Bella alone to see that hidden note, because her mind alone would be safe from Aro. Bella makes an appointment with J. Jenks and meets him at a restaurant -- private, yet public; Mr. Jenks is sufficiently wary of the Cullens to protect himself. She discovers that Jasper has ordered fake passports for Jake and Renesmee, as well as a driving license and birth certificates. Bella realizes, with dismay, that Alice has foreseen her and Edward's death and this is Alice's way of protecting Renesmee.To stop the Volturi, the Cullens decide to call in their friends from around the world to witness that Renesmee is not an immortal child, but is half-human with a heart beat. Friends come from all over -- Ireland, Egypt, India, South America. They are wary at facing the Volturi, and many of them have their own axe to grind with the Volturi's rule. The Denali 'cousins' explain that Irina was particularly appalled by what she saw as an immortal child, because her mother was executed by the Volturi for creating one. The Cullens' friends who agree to come, all have their own special gifts. Benjamin can control the elements. Kate, of the Denali, can generate electric shocks. Zafrina, from Brazil, has power over the mind, and can make others see whatever she wants them to see, for instance, making Edward believe he was in the middle of a rain forest.When Bella says she doesn't see this vision, Eleazar recognizes her own gift-- she's a 'shield,' a defensive talent that explains why Edward and Aro couldn't read her mind, or why Jane couldn't inflict pain on her. Kate tests her electric shock power on Bella and, finding it ineffective, confirms that Bella is a 'shield--' and moreover, Kate and Tanya are sure that Bella can train to project this shield to protect others. Edward considers this a high priority, because if they must fight the Volturi, Aro's first move would be to have Jane and Alec target Edward with their powers, because Edward would be able to anticipate their actions. Bella is the only one who can stand against Jane or Alec. Edward reluctantly submits to Kate's electric shocks to help Bella train in projecting her shield.More and more members of Jacob's tribe start to turn into wolves due to the high number of vampires entering the area. The pack works to train and explain everything to the new members. Both Bella and Jacob are nervous about all the witnesses arriving on the Cullen's behalf, as many of them still stick to a diet of human blood; including Garrett, an American patriot who fought beside Carlisle at Yorktown, and an Irish coven of unpredictable nature, not to mention a vampire named Peter, who fought alongside Jasper in the civil war, as a newborn. While Jacob is training a small group of newly phased Quileute wolves, two more vampires arrive, who Jacob realizes were uninvited. These final guests, Vladimir and Stefan, are eager for a battle with the Volturi. When Carlisle and Edward explain that they're trying to avoid a fight, Vladimir and Stefan remark that Aro's witnesses would be very disappointed.All of the vampires and Jacob convene, and Eleazar and Carlisle explain how they've put all the pieces together from Vladimir and Stefan's statement: Whenever a coven containing a particularly gifted member, is accused of high crimes, Volturi witnesses will testify against that coven, evidence of the coven's crime coming out of nowhere. After the coven is destroyed, however, Aro will provide "proof" that the gifted member has repented sufficiently to be forgiven, and placed in a position of honor in the Volturi guard. Alistair says that the Volturi witnesses are to spread the word that justice has been served after the 'offending' coven is destroyed. Edward realizes that all along, Aro's issues with the Cullens revolves around Alice: Aro desperately wants to add her power of foresight to the Volturi. At this point Edward stands forward and asks all the covens to fight alongside his family, as Aro could easily come after the others, one at a time. Amun doesn't want to fight, but Benjamin, knowing he could be targeted, chooses to fight beside the Cullens. Jacob assures that the wolf packs will also fight, and one by one, each group of assembled vampires pledges to defend the Cullens in battle.At the first snowfall, the Cullens and their friends gather on a mountaintop at night. While they are awaiting the Volturi, and telling war stories, Bella gives Renesmee a pendant expressing her love for her, and tells Renesmee that the next day, she will need to stay with Jacob at all times, no matter what; even if Bella tells Jacob to take Renesmee far away. Renesmee is frightened, sensing the trouble brewing, and Bella holds her and rocks her to sleep. The other Cullens stand watching, and Carlisle talks about how all the vampire covens have something to fight for, including Carlisle himself. Watching Bella and Renesmee, Edward thanks Carlisle for the extraordinary life he now has.Morning comes and the assembled vampire and wolf groups stand on a field on the mountain slope to await the Volturi, who advance majestically en masse. Carlisle tries to reason with Aro. Aro calls Edward forward and reads his thoughts to discover that Renesmee is not an immortal child, but is half vampire and half human. He calls Renesmee forward. Bella, Jacob and Emmett come forward with her. Aro is charmed as she shows him her history and nature. Aro realizes Irina was mistaken. Irina admits that the child she saw was smaller and apologizes for her mistake, taking full responsibility. Aro moves to his plan B, to provoke the group with the execution of Irina. Tanya and Kate, distraught at the sudden and shocking death of their sister, immediately respond, and it takes the work of the rest of the allies to control them. Zafrina temporarily blinds them to calm and slow them. They realize it was his plan to invoke a violent response. As the Cullens and their supporters regain their control, Aro moves on to Plan C and suggests to his followers that because Renesmee is unprecedented, she is unpredictable and therefore unsafe. He explains in this age of technology, only the known are safe and they know nothing of what Renesmee will become.Suddenly, from the woods, Alice and Jasper stride forward into the clearing. Alice attempts to show Aro she has seen the future and Renesmee poses no threat. However, in a blink, suddenly, Alice gasps in consternation as she realizes that no matter what she shows Aro, he has already decided on the future of the Cullens: they must be destroyed because they are a threat to his rule and he wants the talented individuals under his control. Alice turns and gives Bella a surreptitious signal that it is time for Jake to take Renesmee to safety. Alice then turns and kicks Aro across the field. Grimly, Bella sends Jacob and Renesmee away, and as Jacob speeds away, she turns to face the Volturi. Jane attempts to weaken Edward with her power and is frustrated when she realizes that Bella, with a satisfied smile, is protecting him with her shield. Alice and Jasper are seized by the Volturi, which brings Carlisle flashing forward in loud protest. Shockingly, Aro intercepts Carlisle in mid-leap and decapitates him in one blow, and Caius then burns Carlisle's body. The Cullens and their allies are enraged at Carlisle's death, and a violent battle ensues between the allies and the Volturi, where there are many fatalities on each side.Seeing Bella shielding Jasper from Jane, while Jasper fights with Demitri, Alec leaps at Bella and grapples her, breaking her concentration; Jane is then able to disable Jasper with pain. Felix holds Jasper while Demitri decapitates him. Emmett rushes to Bella's aid, throwing Alec to the ground and stomping on his throat, before ripping his head off. Seth kills a Volturi soldier and then charges at Jane, but cannot stand against Jane's pain illusions, making Seth helpless as Felix grabs him from behind and crushes him in his massive arms. Jacob cannot run at full speed while carrying Renesmee on his back, allowing a Volturi pursuer to gain ground. But when he hears Leah's howl as she sees Seth fall, Jacob intercepts the leaping Volturi and decapitates him in mid-air, and hits the ground running with Renesmee still on his back.The battle starts go badly for the Cullens and their allies; Bella is being overpowered by four Volturi, another Quileute falls and Edward is fighting a losing battle with Demitri. Benjamin smashes his fist into the ground, causing the earth to crack open, revealing lava far below. Two of Bella's opponents fall into the crevasse and she is able to overpower the other two with her newborn strength. Demitri shoves Edward down into the crevasse and turns away, only to see Edward has barely escaped death by clinging to the side; Edward leaps back out of the crevasse and kills Demitri. Esme claws desperately to keep from falling in as a Volturi clings to her back trying to kill her. Leah saves Esme, destroying the attacking Volturi, but falling to her own death into the lava below; catching Esme's eye on the way down and sharing a final look of truce. Alice, enraged over Jasper's death, attacks Jane while protected by Bella. Unable to affect Alice with her powers, Jane turns and flees, but Alice leaps ahead of her, seizes Jane by the throat and throws her to Sam, who gladly rips her head off. Caius attacks Tanya, but Garrett kicks him into Kate's waiting clutches. Her electric shocks incapacitate Caius as Tanya approaches and rips off the top half of Caius's head. As Vladimir and Stefan close in on Marcus, he simply sighs in relief and welcomes his death by their ripping off his arms. Finally, Aro charges at Edward and Bella. He knocks them both over. Edward grabs Bella and throws her into a kick that knocks over Aro. As Edward and Aro grapple, Bella jumps on his back and with Edward's help, rips his head off. Chaos reigns as Bella seizes a torch and burns Aro's severed head.Suddenly, the scene shifts, and we return to Alice gazing at Aro: She has shown him (and us) the future she has foreseen if he continues on this path, and has made him realize that they will die if their meeting turns into a war. Aro tries to back off, but the others are still worried that since they know nothing of Renesmee, she could still be dangerous. Caius agrees that the Cullens could leave in peace if they had assurance that Renesmee would remain concealed from the human world, but insists that such assurance cannot be provided. However, Edward says it can. Alice waves forward a young Ticuna named Nahuel, another vampire-human crossbreed Alice has found in Brazil. He approaches with his aunt and testifies as to his background and genetic makeup to prove that he is no threat. A vampire seduced his mother and she died in childbirth, his aunt raised him and he turned her. Bella is relieved to hear that during his aging process, he became fully grown after 7 years, but has been living unnoticed by either vampire or human for the last 150 years. He can survive on blood or regular human food. Faced with this evidence as well as Bella's powerful shield, the Volturi gather what shreds of dignity they have remaining and take their leave, although Aro takes a last look at Bella and says to himself, 'such a prize.' Vladimir and Stefan want to pursue and destroy the Volturi, but Carlisle says there will be no fighting. Vladimir and Stefan are displeased, but without any support, cannot pursue the Volturi on their own. The allies are all relieved and quietly celebrate together, and the Denali clan appears to gain a new member: Garrett has fallen in love with Kate.The Cullen's allies also begin to depart, with the Cullens' grateful thanks. Bella, Edward, Jake and Renesmee return to their home in peace to live happily ever after. Alice, smiling, sees a future Bella and Edward warmly greeting and embracing a laughing, happy adult Renesmee and Jake on a beach. Edward catches Alice's thoughts and smiles with relief at the knowledge that they have succeeded in making life safe and happy for their loved ones. Jacob catches the serene expression on Edward's face as he watches Bella with Renesmee. When Edward admits he's glad Renesmee has him, Jacob mischievously wonders aloud if he should start calling Edward "Dad". "No," says Edward firmly, but a small smile plays across his face at the irony.In the last scene, Bella and Edward are sitting in the meadow we have come to know from the previous films, and Bella surprises Edward by lifting her shield so he can read her mind, showing him her memories of their life together so far. They kiss, as a phrase from the end of the book reminds us that they will be happy forever.

Orig. title:

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Directed by: Bill Condon
Starring: Kristen Stewart (Bella Cullen), Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black), Peter Facinelli (Dr. Carlisle Cullen), Elizabeth Reaser (Esme Cullen), Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen)
Country: USA
Year: 2012
Score: 55 %
Broadcasted on: Prima MAX
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