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Pane, vy jste vdova

Film Pane, vy jste vdova
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After a soldier cuts off the arm of king's cousin, king decides to deactivate the army. Of course, generals don't like it at all and they try to kill the king. The assassin should be artificial body in the shape of actress Evelina Keleti and with brain of psychotic serial killer Fany Stubová. They also manage to kill king's astrologer Stuart Hampl, who warns the king. Accidentally, Hampl's brain is implanted into assassin's body, actress Keleti is killed and chaos begins...

Directed by: Václav Vorlícek
Starring: Iva Janzurová (Mrs. Evelyn Keletti / Mr. Hampl / Mrs. Stubbová -), Olga Schoberová (Molly Adams - Actress), Eduard Cupák (Colonel Steiner / Astrologer Hampl - after brain e), Jirí Sovák (King Rosebud IV.), František Filipovský (King Oscar XV.), Cestmír Ra
Country: Czechoslovakia
Year: 1971
Score: 82 %
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