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I jako Ikaros

Film I jako Ikaros
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After the recently re-elected President of a fictitious state has been assassinated, one of the members of the investigation committee refuses to sign the final report and is given the task of investigating once more. In the course of his search he finds evidence that casts serious doubt on the committee's lone-gunman theory... A very bold film that basically told the JFK story thinly disguised as having taken place not in the US.

Directed by: Henri Verneuil
Starring: Yves Montand (Le procureur Henri Volney), Michel Albertini (Luigi Lacosta), Roland Amstutz (Gregory), Jean-Pierre Bagot (Michaël Mix), Georges Beller (Sam Kido), Maurice Bénichou (Robert Sanio l'homme a la caméra)
Country: France
Year: 1979
Score: 78 %
Play this program broadcasted on channel ČT2 at 7.11.2022 22:45
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