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A young publicist, with a successful professional life but with an empty personal life, finds himself on a trip against time to get to an important business meeting. During the trip, he meets a girl and, although they are very different and have opposite ways of life, they click when recalling the most mythical and emotional time of their childhood: the last summer they spent with their gang.We will find out what they were like as kids, how they lived their first love, their first adventures, and how they felt like heroes when fighting to win that magical cabin on the tree where all their wishes would be fulfilled. This journey to the past, to his old desires and motivations, will make the journalist have doubts about his present life, and and it will make him decide between his career and the feeling of happiness reborn inside him, thanks to that special and crazy girl who has turned his world upside down.

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Genre: Drama, Comedy, Family
Directed by: Pau Freixas
Starring: Eva Santolaria (Cristina), Alex Brendemühl (Sala), Emma Suárez (Glòria), Lluís Homar (Lluís), Nerea Camacho (Helena), Ferran Rull (Xavi)
Country: Spain
Year: 2010
Score: 71 %
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